You have a deadline, we understand, which is why we guarantee that your items are delivered on time, if payments and artwork are supplied on time. We guarantee that your products will be delivered on time, however, please note that we cannot be held responsible for delays on the part of the courier especially in the case where the courier has lost your package. We will, under certain circumstances, use a faster shipping method at our own expense to ensure you receive your goods on time. Please note that although we guarantee that your goods will arrive on a certain day, we cannot guarantee an exact time of delivery. We’re good but our crystal ball is still on backorder. Also keep in mind that we offer FREE delivery to make your life just a little easier, check with your account manager to see if your order qualifies. | 073 625 5637

Our ordering process

We have 4 easy ways of finding the products that are perfect for your company, event or function. Simply use our search function, use our menu categories, call in or email us. You can find our search bar at the top of each page you visit on our website. Type in the name of a product you have in mind, or keywords relating to what you are looking for. Results that closely match your search will show up. All our products are divided into their most relevant categories and sub-categories, which you can find in our “Shop By Category” menu on our home page. You can also shop by industry and by gift ideas. If you prefer speaking to one of our Account Managers to help you find a product, you are welcome to call in. You can also send an email or use our live chat function.
choosing your desired products
2. Choosing your products
After you have searched for products using the search bar and pressing “Enter” or by browsing our product categories, the most relevant product results will be displayed. Click on the product you would like to look at. You will then be directed to that product’s page and here you will find more details on the product. If you would like to add the product to your quote, you can choose the quantity you will require, as well as any other options related to the product (for example, “Colour”, “Size”, “Battery Capacity”, etc.).
submitting your quote
boldmedia group 60 - Online Ordering
3. Submit a quote
Once you have clicked through to a product page, you will see the “Quick Quote” form on the right hand side. This is where you will find all your items added to the quote (don’t worry, all of your items will be there even if you browse to another product). When you are ready, you can click on the “Submit Quote” button (you will not be required to pay any money at this stage).
an account manager will contact you right away to assist
4. We’ll Contact You
Once your quote has been submitted, an Account Manager will phone you within 15 minutes of receiving your request. Your Account Manager will help you with any questions you may have and provide details on branding options and pricing. Thereafter, they will finalise your quote and send it off to you.
a 65% deposit is required
5. 65% Deposit
Our Sales Admin Team will send you an invoice. A 50% deposit will then need to be made for us to proceed with your order. You can pay via EFT, credit card or Payfast.
our artwork team will prepare your logo for branding
6. Artwork
Our Artwork Team will contact you about your design and redraw or convert your logo to the specifications required for branding. We have a nifty online artwork approval application, so you can sign off on your approved branding layouts over the internet, resulting in shorter lead times.
balance of payment is required for delivery to take place
7. Balance of payment
Once all the artwork layouts have been approved, our Sales Admin Team will send you a Balance of Payment request.
national and out of national delivery to your door
8. Delivery
After your balance of payment has been received, our super efficient Dispatch Team will finalise delivery of your branded items via courier. We offer nationwide delivery as well as delivery outside of our national border.

Terms For Rush Orders

  1. Boldmedia Group provides a rush order service in terms whereof completion of urgent orders are guaranteed within 2 (two) to 5 (five) business days subsequent to approval of the artwork at an additional fee, equal to 10% (ten per centum) of the total value of the order and full payment of the order reflecting in the bank account  of Boldmedia Group.
  2. The completion date for the order will be confirmed in the confirmation of order prior to Boldmedia Group executing the order.”
  3. Artwork needs to be supplied in print ready format as there is insufficient time to redraw a Clients logo.
  4. Rush orders are subject to the Client adhering to the deadline for approving artwork, as stipulated in the artwork approval email.
  5. Rush orders are also subject to Boldmedia Group receiving cleared funds for the full amount when the order is place.

Product Selection and Orders

  1. The Client is to place orders with Boldmedia Group in writing by completing the Confirmation of Order. Orders shall only be regarded as accepted upon written confirmation thereof by Boldmedia Group. Payment of the deposit by the Client does not constitute acceptance of orders.
  2. Boldmedia Group will execute the Client’s order/s once the deposit is paid by the Client, written confirmation of the order has been provided to the Client by Boldmedia Group and the supplier has confirmed that the stock to be ordered is available.
  3. A deposit equal to 50% (fifty per centum) of the quoted amount, or if the quoted price fluctuated in the time between the quotation and the order, 50% (fifty per centum) of the adjusted amount, is to be paid by the Client. Quotations are subject to stock availability at the time of confirmation of the order. Special import items require, without exception, a 75% (seventy five per centum) deposit of the quoted amount.
  4. As stock changes occur on a daily basis, stock availability cannot be guaranteed by Boldmedia Group until the deposit has been paid, the confirmation of order has been signed and the stock availability has subsequently been confirmed by the supplier.
  5. Boldmedia Group is entitled to refuse any order placed by the Client.
  6. The Client acknowledges that it is the Client’s sole responsibility to determine and ensure that the products ordered are correct and suitable to its intended purpose. Boldmedia Group will not be liable, in any manner of form, for incorrect product selection by the Client.
  7. Lead times for orders will be deemed to commence on the date and time that Boldmedia Group received all signed off approvals of the artwork and payment of the funds have cleared in Boldmedia Group’s bank account.
  8. Once an order has been confirmed as defined in clause 4 (a) and (b) above, cancellations for that order will only be entertained if no branding has taken place and will be subject to a 25% (twenty five per centum) handling and administration fee. A further R 350.00 (three hundred and fifty Rand) per artwork layout will be charged if artwork layouts were created.”
  9. No cancellations of an order will be accepted on any branded items, custom made items or specially imported items and the Client shall be liable for full payment of the order.
  10. Orders may be cancelled by Boldmedia Group in any case of fortuitous event or any other circumstances whatsoever beyond its control.
  11. Fully paid orders that remain uncollected or undeliverable for 30 (thirty) calendar days will be donated to local charities.

Payment and Release of Orders

  1. A deposit equal to 50% (fifty per centum) of the quoted amount, or if the quoted price fluctuated in the time between the quotation and the order, 50% (fifty per centum) of the adjusted amount, is to be paid by the Client. The remaining 50% (fifty per centum) of the invoice, along with any additional costs, are to be paid upon request, prior to delivery or collection. This outstanding amount is to be paid within 7 (seven) calendar days of such request being made. Interest of prime plus 2% (two per centum) will be incurred on all overdue amounts along with daily storage fees.
  2. Rush orders will incur an additional fee, equal to 10% (ten per centum) of the total value of the order. Rush orders, orders for unbranded items and orders for special import products require full payment of the order to reflect in the bank account of Boldmedia Group before Boldmedia Group shall confirm the order.
  3. Subject to the provisions of the Consumer Protection Act, no 68 of 2008, as amended, if applicable, all prices/rates are subject to alteration without notice, and orders will be processed at the price/rate applicable at time of dispatch. All prices/rates quoted by Boldmedia Group are based on, but not limited to, foreign exchange, freight-/ insurance-/landing charges, dock-/customs-/import duties, rail- and statutory wage rates applicable at the time of negotiations for the purchase of the goods to which the invoice in question relates, and consequently, any variation in such prices/rates will be for the account and be borne by the Client, with notice.
  4. Boldmedia Group accepts payment by way of electronic funds transfer. Cash payments are however not acceptable. Orders paid for by cheque will only be proceeded with or released once the payment has cleared in the bank account of Boldmedia Group.
  5. All payments made by the Client to Boldmedia Group shall be made free of deduction, set-off, bank charges and commissions and shall not be withheld for any reason whatsoever. Any extension of the due date for payment shall be valid only if reduced to writing. Discounts shall be

Artwork for Branded Orders

  1. Boldmedia Group will furnish the Client with an artwork approval via e-mail or another electronic format. The artwork will illustrate the appearance of the Client’s logo or other image, as provided to Boldmedia Group by the Client, on the chosen product. The Client needs to sign off the artwork and no further services will be rendered by Boldmedia Group until Boldmedia Group is in receipt of the duly completed signed off artwork approval.
  2. The Client is to specifically indicate, in writing, whether permanent branding is required.
  3. The delivery date may be affected if changes to the artwork are requested by the Client as the changes require a new layout which will need approval and sign off by the Client again. Boldmedia Group shall not be responsible or liable for delays in delivery caused by artwork changes. Any changes requested and made subsequent to approval of the artwork and subsequent to plates/screens being made shall incur additional costs for the Client.
  4. The Client is to approve the artwork within 7 (seven) calendar days from the final artwork layout being sent to the Client, failing which the stock will be returned to the warehouse and a cancellation fee equal to 25% (twenty-five per centum) of the total value of the order shall be charged. No artwork approvals will be accepted telephonically.
  5. The Client is to partake in the process of reviewing and checking the artwork for spelling mistakes and errors relating to e.g. item colours, sizing, image colour and image locations and is to do so before signing off and approving the artwork/order. Boldmedia Group shall not be responsible or liable for erroneous interpretations of the artwork/order, typographical errors overlooked and later approved by the Client and/or any damages suffered by the Client as a result of the erroneous artwork/order being printed as accepted and approved by the Client.
  6. If the Client selects an Artwork Design Package and their artwork requires the designer to spend more time than what is allocated for their design, then an additional design fee of R195.00 (one hundred and ninety-five Rand) per hour will be incurred by the Client. The Client will be informed of the additional fee and will be given the choice of whether to continue or not.
  7. The Artwork Design Packages are inclusive of Free Artwork Redraw. The number of designs that can be redrawn is based on the Artwork Design Package that the Client purchases. Additional designs can be redrawn for an additional fee of R195.00 (one hundred and ninety-five Rand) per hour.
  8. There are 3 Artwork Design Packages, the details of each can be found on the Artwork Design Package page. Each design package varies in the number of designs that can be redrawn, the amount of text that can be used, the number of fonts along with options on background colour. Any variation from these these packages will incur additional fees calculated on a basis of R195.00 (one hundred and ninety-five Rand) per hour.
  9. Should the Client purchase the Premium or Elite Artwork Design Package then the Client will be entitled to receive the Vector artwork files that were created by Boldmedia Group. Artwork files will be sent 7 days after completion of your order with Boldmedia Group. Should the Client decide not to proceed with the order then Boldmedia Group reserves the right to withhold the Artwork files.
  10. The Client specifically acknowledges that layouts sent in colour via email are not necessarily a true reflection of the colour but a mere indication of what the product will look like due to the variations in computer monitor colouring. Printing colours will be matched as close as possible to Pantone colours or swatches supplied. Boldmedia Group cannot guarantee a 100% colour match due to the different materials used in promotional products.

Risk Free Guarantee

We put our money where our mouth is and guarantee that your products will arrive looking the way you expected them to. However, if your products look different from the artwork you signed off on then we’ll either re-brand and ship them to you or issue you with a refund. We’ll also replace your items if they arrive damaged or faulty in any way and for the more fragile items we’ll assist you with insuring them just in case. We’re serious about making sure you always get what you paid for.

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